Hello, It’s a brand new world for the Coalition 4 Pets and People!

Kelly M. Barker, formerly of Roswell, is the incoming Chair for the Coalition 4 Pets and People and I, Dr. Kalish, for one, am very glad she is here. For the first time in the history of the Coalition, we will have active involvement in the web presence by one of the Coalition chairs!

This website doesn’t have much to read or look at yet but we are switching to a new tool for creating what you see. I was switching from HTML and related tools to the very popular WordPress. Kelly may use WordPress, or she may use something different. Whatever that turns out to be, the Coalition and Zero in 7 links will continue to take you to Coalition happenings.

High on the list of activities are the local and critically important Spay/Neuter programs. Hardest to reach are those who’s culture does not imagine animals as pets. Here where I live, and in other places in the County, we also have to be continually on the look-out for people who are breeding for dog-fighting and for abandoned and neglected animals.

The Coalition’s work is not over. There are just a few years left to go to reach the Zero healthy-pet deaths due to overpopulation.

I will be around, assisting in the transition, but I will also be working on some new ways of communicating, due in part to the very amazing tools brought to the world by Adobe. So stay tuned; some of them may even end up on this page.

I have had a lot of fun connecting with everyone, especially on the Facebook page. Tonight, the Facebook page was renamed to “Coalition 4 Pets and People.” This domain will remain as it was for several months until the URL subscription expires. At that time, the Board will have the opportunity to align the site URL with the Facebook page name. But you won’t need to worry about that; it will be handled electronically.

Dr. Kalish (Mia to most of you)First selfie with Anabel